I’m a business guy, an adventurist and hard-core believer in spirit at work.   I’ve been broke and I’ve been rich.. and only some of the time that was about actual money.  I’m a CEO and a dad, a great friend and not the best at anything.    I’m really fucked up sometimes, seek the truth in most things and speak it as often as possible.  I love this life– seriously— and am really happy the vast majority of the time.

At any moment, I could be on a plane half way around the world, high up in a tree, hiking the pacific coast or sitting in a board room in the midwest re-difining  business as usual.

Everyday, every word, I try to ask myself 3 basic questions—

  • is what I’m doing / saying my truth?
  • is what I’m doing / saying nessasary?
  • and most importantly, is what I’m doing / saying KIND?

I’ve found, everything is simple when you go about life this way.

I love a million things… tried the simple life and it’s not really for me.  I love business, I love a big problem, I love drama and figuring shit out. …

I love one thing the most.. I love moving people—  moving their thinking, their hearts, their minds, points of view, perspectives on nearly anything… everything.  On this path, I think the only real key to happiness is to, no matter what,  keep moving.

I cannot tell my secrets.
I have no key to that door.
Something keeps me joyful,
but I cannot say what
♥ Rumi

But maybe that’s not good enough?  Here’s a more formal bio, or at least as formal as a guy like me has:

Tyler Lewke is an optimistic pessimist, an awesome dad and friend, a hardcore capitalist, and a deep-seeking mindful and compassionate guy who’s most inspired by helping people through the difficult parts of religion and spirituality to define a life of joy and contemplative service to others. Tyler believes there is “no way out but in” and that business and mainstream consciousness are here to stay so he stands in the center of it all helping to transform things from the inside out.

Tyler was born months before the official end of the Vietnam War on the Campus of Washington State University to an authentic hippy mom and a heady scientist dad who’s IQ rivals Einstein… a combo that has left him totally out of place in the mainstream. From an early age, Tyler knew he needed to make his own way and build things and businesses for himself. He deposited his last traditional paycheck at the age of 17 and set out to embrace mainstream culture and business on his own terms. Today, he is the unlikely CEO of a Midwestern company where he has transformed the culture from the bottom up by teaching how loving-kindness towards others and radiant happiness as a mission creates profit that can then be used for good. Tyler’s rebel approach and unrelenting worth ethic—and his firm belief that capitalism and spirituality mix perfectly—have earned him a position at the top of his industry for two decades. His motto? Happy people. Closed deals.

Tyler lives on a farm in the Midwest, on a cliff in the redwoods, and from his backpack as he explores the world. He teaches meditation and mindful leadership, has written as a form of art and spiritual practice everyday for as long as he can remember. He shares his personal stories of integrating a spiritual life into a daily mainstream existence through his daily blog, postsfromthepath.com, where he posts his raw, firsthand joys and struggles of trying to practice these principles in all his affairs. Tyler thinks we all have only one real job, to add more love to the world.