1)     Do your inner work to address all your outer challenges

2)     Be willing to give all to get all

3)     All the answers you seek are within you now, and you’ll need a path, a guide and time

4)     Be focused, discerning, and determined, and surrender to the mystery of each moment

5)     That which takes from us, gives to us; sickness is a healer, loss is a teacher

6)     Master suffering and self-discipline to understand joy and freedom

7)     You must come to terms with death, to embrace life

8)     Your feelings are as important as they are misleading

9)     Be compassionately indifferent

10)  Learn the power of solitude and the importance of community

11)  That which is invisible is real and lasting, the viable is a fleeting lie:  Spirit is the driving force behind matter

12)  Live your authentic, true self, and know that it too is an illusion.