If something here makes you angry or sad or both – let’s talk about it. That’s what we do where I’m from. Because we want to grow… and we’re mature enough to own our shit.

Our society is a fucking mess.
Never mind politics or economics or the environment.
Just look around you.
Everyone is either fat or miserable or fat and miserable.
Everyone is in a deep sleep, ruled by fear and sex and politics and economics.

Every one.

And all over the Internet are articles about “The Inner Goddess” or “The Divine Masculine”.
Really? How about we learn to be fucking human first?

How about we learn to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, raise our children properly, birth our children naturally, cherish our elders?!
How about we stop the industrialised ‘factory farming’ of our animal cousins? How about we stop experimenting on them? Hunting them to extinction?

Please take your spirituality and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine because I’m sick and fucking tired of finding out again and again that the people who claim to be ‘spiritual’ are the ones wearing the biggest masks.

What is this ‘spirituality’ anyway?
All is spirit. There is nothing but spirit.

Saying that you’re spiritually inclined is a bit like a fish declaring a predilection for water.

We’re swimming in it, and the problem isn’t that we’re not spiritual enough.
The problem is that we don’t know what we are.

Stop paying ‘lip service’ to Spirit.
Embody it.
Dream it.
Vision it.
Create it.
Live it.

Stop being a voyeuristic consumer. Stop it.
Stop buying things you don’t need, stop wasting your precious time in jobs and relationships you don’t believe in, stop playing along with a system that you know is totally broken.
Have the courage to step out of this utterly corrupt and dysfunctional system and create a new system.
Unleash the creator within.
Because the solution is in YOU.
And if not now, then when? ~ Ben Ralston

Ben Ralston, I don’t know you but if you write and think and teach like this very often, you’re my new hero.




  • Nancy

    Amen! Divine timing!! I have no words that can describe my journey and I certainly don’t want to add anymore lip service. I rather serve from my heart. My journey is inward. There are glorious moments, quiet, lonely, scary, and often uncertain moments. Quite frankly, I am certain that I am uncertain of most everything. Growing up as a child I lived in my inner world. The problem was I felt alone with the people I grew up with. I felt crazy. What I felt didn’t blend with what my eyes were seeing and what I was being told. So I must be wrong…..that’s what I began to tell myself. I suffered to the point of wanting to escape the pain and fear, but there was no escape because the fear followed me in my dreams as well.
    Today looking back, I can see that the Divine was a part of me all along. It was my attention that was so focused on everything outside of my body and I listened to the stories I was being told. The only place I felt home was with nature. The pain and fear I experienced being abused caused me to want to leave and to fear others. Through my experiences and being very sensitive I am still learning how to do the next best thing. For me it’s all in the listening…. To my heart, where love pours through and God speaks.