She awoke from the inside out, allowing the smaller, darker and unreachable parts of herself to finally see the light.

santa cruz redwoods

She had willingly and joyfully surrendered some of her authentic nature, like all mom’s do, to cultivate and cherish and build a family unit, loving as deeply as one can.

It’s very obvious, she has zero regrets and bows to the rich blessings of it all.

The time finally came to follow the light and pursue what was deep within her.

The fear was big but the desire bigger.

She took some time and silenced the critics within that wanted logic and reason and instead she carefully listened for what her heart was telling her.

She unwound all she knew and packed her stuff and quit her job in order to walk forward and consciously design a life that could honor the past and fully embrace today and be poised for a deep and even more sacred tomorrow.

It was sad and scary in moments, waves of grief overflowing and blinding what had been so visible in other moments, but she kept going telling herself over and over again, follow the light, follow the light.

They went as far as they could together holding on till the last second….. then, she walked to the gate all by herself, heading to her next chapter… knowing deep down she wasn’t and would never be alone. It was almost as if generations before her who never made the journey to follow their hearts were rooting her on saying, do it, we didn’t so you can….

As she made her way towards the light, she held in her hand the note from her friend who was waiting to greet her…..

“You do not walk alone.

Your guardian angel is walking with you

and guiding you each step of the way.

The Angel of the Mountain has called you

and will welcome you with open arms”


Safe Journey Deeder, we’re right here with you every step of the way.

Always 0-3-5-8.