I have a small black book I cary around with me.  I’ve had it a decade or more.

About a dozen years ago I realized I had gone to a thousand conferences and read even more books and written down tens of thousands of ideas that I never implemented but carry the guilt around from each and every failed attempt.  What happens to me is that a pile of ideas washes out the one or two that would actually make a difference.

Since then, I still go to lots of cool stuff and read all the time but now I only write down bullet points, never the details..  and I keep them without any reference to order or who said it or what the context was.

I have several black books full of bullet point wisdom, maybe a thousand bullets…  Some bullshit, some brilliant.

I found one of the black books after being robbed last week and realizing they didn’t get it made me happy.  I’ve been thumbing thru it and fascinated by what I found and thought to myself, this is probably a hundred thousand dollars worth of classes and workshops and trips and spiritual adventures.

I’ll share some of it here over the next few days, free _/\_.  Take what you need and leave the rest.


  • Dump your shit. Less is more. It really is. It hurts a while to realize this, to change behavior, but on the other side of the hurt is serious joy.


  • Lighten up. When things feel so big, remember, in 100 years the planet will have all new people. alue what matters and remember very little really matters.


  • Try a detox. Remove yourself from a repetitive behavior just for a committed period of time from whatever is consuming you. The awareness from this is huge; it’s the game changer. Awareness is the beginning and the end.. Remember?


  • Get good with being alone. This is a solo journey and the only constant is that you get to be with you, 24/7. When you rely on others for sturdy happiness, they will always fail you. You alone must walk the path.