“My friend,” he says, “you must continue to turn inward to muster the forces of mercy and love.. It’s only those forces that can make you and this world better.  It’s within the power of mustering that love that sturdy happiness arrives.”

I reflectively respond, “I understand in my mind,  I hear you, I just don’t know how to do it.  I keep practicing meditation, I keep showing up and doing the work, but what, but it else can I do, that just doesn’t seem like enough!?”

He’s silent a while then responds, “Repetition.  Keep going.  Spiritual practice is a constant never ending circle, a constant repeat.  . Three steps, One bow. Results are what Westerners look for and it messes them up.  We practice meditation and work these practices over and over again repetitivly because the result only comes from constant rigorous repetition.”