One thing I know for sure, I am responsible for my life, my spirit and how I show up in the world.  I know with total certainty that this whole life and especially this moment is the gift of gifts and I am honored to try to live up to its magnificence by using every ounce of me to benefit others.

Each and every day I pledge:

Observing the 5 Precepts under the Bodhi Tree in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, Aug. 2014

I am responsible for the cultivation of wisdom and the practice of mindfulness in my own life.  

Every day is my opportunity to add more love to the world by discovering the parts of me that can benefit others. 

Every moment is an invitation for me to observe my breath and move to the middle path.  

Within me is pure beauty and grace and to express my gratitude for these treasures, every day I re-commit to living the 5 precepts to the best of my ability.  

Thru the practice of loving-kindness towards myself and all living beings, I accept my responsibility to add more love to the world and will use all my actions to the benefit of humanity.

This is my commitment to the world.  What’s yours?