bowThe countdowns are over now—the “best of” lists done.  The live ball drop events have concluded ….  The line at Taco Bell was significantly shorter at noon today… the health club full of hell-bent resolutioners who nailed it on day 2.

 The evidence is overwhelming.  Mostly, it won’t last..  The best intentions, the sincere personal commitments…

I’m convinced it’s because people don’t really know what they want.

For me, getting honest and clear about what I really want has been a long significant journey of exploring the joy and pain of this life and understanding it a little more each day.

When I talk with people about what their goals and dreams are for the new year, I notice they talk about “what’s next”…  achievements and milestones they are looking to hit.. Loose 30 pounds, buy this car, travel here… stop this, start that… The thing is, I believe those are results of behavior and practice, not the goal themselves.   (( In my business world, I’m around people everyday who claim a profit number as a goal— I always sit quite thinking, that’s a result of how you show up everyday, not a goal….))

I’ve come to believe that what’s next isn’t of much concern… when I have a plan, things work out on life’s terms anyway so I do best surrendering to the mystery, remaining as present as possible and making sure I am equipped to navigate the best I can.

Instead of  “what’s next” I tend to have an overarching intention that requires focus and perspective changes.. Usually a diligence and commitment to a practice:

My intention this year is to Bow.  And If I bow, I want to bow low.

That means showing up everywhere with the truth.

It means talking less and listening more and being in service.

It really really really means remembering that Gods in the people, and that no matter who’s in front of me, that’s god—guests in the house , gods’ in the house.

I hope I make lots of money and invent some new ways…  make some new memories— I hope I travel the world and do cool stuff—but—- to me that’s all totally secondary.

I would trade that all in a red-hot minute to walk into every room without judgment, towards others or myself.  I would trade all my ambition and goals and drive and dreams for the relief of self-doubt, to bathe in unconditional love for everyone and myself.

I want to bow—I want to bow to everyone I meet, to be noble in every action and word, I want to help everyone I can reach in every way I can, and I want to start with me.

I want to love my world and my space and I want it to support me and my family’s inner growth first, outer growth second.

I want both, don’t get me wrong— but I want to bow low to this spiritual path first —I want to wake each day bowing to the greatness that I have another opportunity to breathe and be alive and find ways to give.

I want to not let an hour go by where I’m not in awe for the abundance I’ve been given.

I want to be a profound and noble steward of my talents and my focus and the abundance that delivers.

I want to go deep and bow low to this path and the teachers who walk with me every step of the way.

To Bow—that’s all I want this year.  _/_ and thankfully, I’m not likely to forget, I have it tattooed on my arm…..   _/_tattobow tattoo

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  • inet411

    This goes far beyond a new years resolution, I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a new years resolution… Until yesterday I was walking in darkness and wondering what I should do.. As of today I am looking for light. Something that will allow me to look around and find a path, goal or purpose. I do not know what it is or what it will be. I think it may be security or a worry-free life, but then I think these things are all ideals and not really goals. Will my ideals help achieve my goals, if I figure out what they are, or will having goals help me achieve my ideals? Money comes and goes, I’ve made a lot and I’ve lost a lot. I don’t care about things or stuff, not cars, toys or anything like that.
    So yeah thanks, at the very least I have a light in the darkness now and my goal is to find a goal.

    • Tyler

      AWesome! I appreciate you sharing– I keep thinking about this Rumi quote in resonse to what you write. I want to say to you that I know exactly what will help you– but of course I don’t. I just know what helped me…. surrendering- realizing that I wasn’t going to manufacture desire, goals, ambition or a lifes purpose. I had to get out of my own way and get into silence.. learn to use mindfulness to understand my thinking behaviors and emotions and learn which to trust and which ones are just wounds revealing themselves. Once I got really into practice, seriously focused on mindfulness and meditation, I started to see direction and intention and desire and clarity show up all on its own and could then realize what to trust, and what to let go.
      Here’s the Rumi Quote I keep thinking about:
      Plus I like this one:
      “Forget safety.
      Live where you fear to live.
      Destroy your reputation.
      Be notorious.”
      ― Rumi