“Buddhists often say: “If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

To me, this means that the Buddha, the guru, and the guidance is all within you, your mind and your heart.

If you see the Buddha outside of you, it is likely to be some version of “better” or “right now.” If you lose weight, or gain money, or be quiet or shout out loud, or say this prayer or that mantra, if you take action right now, and do something fast, you will be “better.” 

I “kill the Buddha” when I let all of this go and turn back to my mindfulness practice for that quiet, wise, almost imperceptible voice within that whispers, “all is well, do this, not that, you are safe, stop and think, all is always well, etc.”  

As a result, I am my best friend. I can reassure myself. I can love myself. This takes the Buddha, others and even my less than perfect self off the hook for my happiness, wellness and peace. There is no hook needed when I am here, now, without any Buddha “out there”.

Much easier said than done, but it works when I work it, I must say.” 

~ Mary Gustafson



  • bensykora

    Love this… Great writing Mary!