For a couple years I’ve been invited to talk with a group of young people about “success”, a word that is so personal it’s crazy to quantify.  I’ve been thinking about my talk for days, frustrated by not coming up with much to say.

Eventually I narrowed it down to this.  I have always been committed to saying yes until I absolutely must say no.

I’m always willing to try– I don’t trust how something feels in theory and won’t make decisions from theory mostly–   I like to get in it and get dirty and just give it a shot.

Not many things come along that I won’t at least try.

It never occurs to me to not do something that I am likely to fail at or to avoid what scares me.  Starting, trying, tasting, going, moving– I’m blind to almost everything else.  I think that’s made all the difference.

“Start now.  Start where you are.  Start with fear.  Start with pain.  Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking.  Start with voice trembling. Just start.  Start and don’t stop.  Start where you are, with what you have.  Just start.”