I like to see results.  To know that my efforts yielded something. That I made an impact.  I was part of a awesome group of people who built a place that hopefully will serve the community for generations.  We included “Legacy” in the name because that’s what we wanted… to have something that outlasted us, a way for us to keep serving beyond the grave.

Over time we all get to see the impact of some of our efforts and actions.  My daughter feels like the perfect example.  Or my physical health.  Or both my dogs who are, now, reasonably well trained.

But I’ve found great suffering in seeking the result. And I’ve found great peace in knowing that likely my behavior today will impact people and things I will never see or know.  It makes me stand up straighter, work harder, dig deeper, love more.

No seed ever sees the flower.




  • Disha

    Einstein said if you can’t explain it simply, that means you didn’t understand it well. In few words, your post is the only one listed on google, that made me understand the meaning of this Zen quote. Take a bow, it surely had an impact!