To be normal is to leave a fortune on the table. The status quo for a first-world human being is to die with most of one’s gifts unwrapped.

You will live this low standard by default if you don’t make an active, conscious effort of finding your own way in every area of life. Doing that takes a persistent spirit of defiance and eccentricity. On the physical level this often means temporarily upsetting family members, taking on a less conventional career, exposing yourself to criticism and misunderstanding, or otherwise allowing there to be a certain friction with norms.

These acts of self-loyalty may be make you apprehensive at first. But that fear quickly gives way and becomes exhilaration, as you begin to recognize that fear is what keeps you in the herd, not what confronts you once you leave.

In the areas of career, personal goals and lifestyle, there is precious little encouragement to follow your own values unless they happen to mirror the status quo.

Be wary of norms and their indescriminate magnetism. Be careful never to do something simply because it’s normal.

~ from fellow writer and awesome guy David Cain who’s blog Raptitude you should check out.

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