I love a rigorous commitment.  I don’t do well with here and there, get to it when I feel like it kinda stuff.  If I’m going to make a pledge, to stick with it I just need to do it and never deviate.   I’m hell-bent.

About 10 months ago, my friend introduced me to the “ten perfections”.. 10 spiritual principles that when practiced and implemented in our daily lives should lead to serious happiness.  He asked and I agreed to learn and write about each one.   For weeks after, I regretted my pledge but I agreed and so I had to uphold my word.

The Ten Perfections are:  Virtue | Renunciation | Discernment | Equanimity | Patience | Persistence |Truth | Determination | Loving-kindness | Goodwill   

I set out to investigate them one by one and I pledged to myself that I’d tackle one per month– I went in order, didn’t jump ahead and stayed true to my plan.  It was hard- everything I found was intellectual and heavy– I had to find my own way of practicing each and then sharing what I experienced.  

I researched everything I could, learned everyone else’s perspectives and then found my own truth as I took the principles and applied them to my life.

Each day for the entire month I reminded myself of the principle I was working with and I would consciously and actively engage in practice as much as I could.

Truth is, I forgot the vast majority of the time… but that’s why I believe so much in progress, not perfection.progress not perfection

The result was that for all these months I’ve been actively committed to working on things that made me better.  When I told my friend I was done and presented him with the essays from each of the ten, he immediately threw them away without reading a word.

I get it…  the act of doing was the work.  The words are hollow when not put into action.

HERE are all my essays from each of the perfections…   take what you like and leave the rest– you can read some or all, or, I could summarize them all into this:

By doing good and being good, you become good.  

Check out each month’s “perfection” and what I discovered HERE.  Then maybe give it a shot and share what you discover.

or, if you want to just read about the ones you care about, here they are separately…

Virtue | Renunciation | Discernment | Equanimity | Patience | Persistence |Truth | Determination | Loving-kindness | Goodwill