Have you ever looked up the definition of Compassion?

We utilize these words and sometimes I have to dig in a little because I want to be noble in my purpose and maintain my practice of using Right Speech. 

The Urban Dictionary defines compassion like this:


Something only the truly hardcore and awesome people in this world possess. While it’s popular to believe that only wusses are compassionate, this is not true, it takes guts to care. It’s popular to call the compassionate names because people who don’t care feel like bitches when they see us doing something they don’t have the balls to do.

Anyone can lack compassion, it’s easy, just do nothing that helps other people.

Compassion isn’t to be confused with being a tool you become a tool by being compassionate and naive.

Not bad, however it feels so limited. I suspect more definitions exist than we could find printed.

I think compassion is the recognition in others that what is insignificant to you may be enormously significant to me, and vise versa.

What does it mean to you?