Raw gratitude isn’t an Oprah recommended list we keep, it’s not the gratitude that comes from conscious effort or reflective time looking back on things…..it’s far holier than all that.

Raw gratitude is the intersection of total awe and instant recognition of life’s majesty.

I experienced raw gratitude when my daughter was born, the first time I hiked into the silence of a redwood forest, the day I found the courage to really be me and multiple times as I opened my eyes and the craziness of my own thoughts finally subsided and proved to me that things really do get better.

Raw gratitude for me isn’t something I can manufacture.  I don’t plan for it or even go seeking it.  Raw Gratitude arrives in an unexpected instant and only lingers long enough for me to know with certainty that life is worth living spectacularly.

Regular gratitude is critical, I need it and work to cultivate it and I am a much better human because of it…. but it’s not the same.

Raw gratitude fuels me and humbles me and ignites me and completely crushes every last ounce of doubt, proving with total certainly that every moment is sacred and holy.

Raw gratitude shows up and consumes me, it’s from outside me and it takes over my sense of reason.  Raw Gratitude bringing me to my knee’s again and again in a total disbelief that anything could be so beautiful.

The work we do everyday, the conscious and committed practice we engage in to be as fully awake and connected and kind as we can be,  it pays off because that work is the price of admission, that’s what it takes to really experience a raw gratitude moment that ends up being this whole thing we call life.