Today, like most days now, the world seems on fire…. we turn off our televisions and turn down the radio and click away from our news alerts as fast as possible because the heat seems to scald our souls, burn into us an acceptance of what we know is unacceptable… as intrical ingredients in what we all call humanity, we know this can’t be our story, how it goes, how we treat the world or each ohter.

Some of us seek understanding, we strive for a better way, we long for nobility and riotousness and basic human decency to outshine the darkness, extinguish the flames.
A choice, the one that’s always been our choice… to Behave like the full moon….full moon
To show up radiant and real and as bright as possible and rise no matter what.
Disregard the clouds and the rain, shine thru the pollution and make your way to the horizon no matter what gets in the way.
Find your place in the stars, fill the sky, offer whatever part of you is available… maybe just a sliver or a small glow, maybe a crescent or even half-moon, maybe just for today considering how much trouble our world is in, show up like the full moon….  Feed your neighbor, love as many people is possible, judge everything less and make room for a deeper more.
“Some nights stay up till dawn, as the moon sometimes does for the sun. Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way of a well, then lifted out into light.” 

― Rumi