“If it bleeds, it leads” has been the hallmark of “news” for almost 100 years. Violence and infotainment dominate, confusing readers and leading many of us to hide or simply tune out. This infotainment distracts us from real issues. The doom-and-gloom news narratives hold us back from collaborative action. The Charter for Compassion International is offering a different take on the caring aspect of the news–people working together to bring about change. Throughout the world tens of thousand of people are acting compassionately on behalf of their neighbors, their communities and people around the world.

Join in this effort:

▪ Help make start a compassionate initiative in your city.
▪ Register your organization (business, school, interfaith group, etc.) to be a partner and by so doing help strengthen our global community’s work.
▪ Promote the Compassionate School Network.
▪ Volunteer with the Charter–join the Charter Team. We still need folks to help us with our website, launch of the Marketplace and keeping up with the volume of mail sent our way (we have received close to 20,000 messages since the beginning of the year).
▪ Introduce us to individuals, organizations and potential sponsors.
▪ Host a Charter Salon.
▪ Donate to the Charter.