According to the ancient teachings, true happiness naturally spreads itself around.  If you are authentically happy, it’s an automatic that you generously extend your happiness to others. In fact, you can’t not.

The root of my true happiness is based in my intentions, specifically my intentions that fuel my good works.  The nobler my intention, the sturdier my happiness.  The sturdier my happiness, the more impactful my generosity.  It’s all so beautifully connected.

Buddhist teachings believe generosity hinges on six factors, three for the giver and three for the recipient.

Before giving, glad; while giving, the mind is bright & clear; having given, one is gratified

Before receiving, glad; while receiving, the mind is bright & clear; having received, one is gratified

While the factors are the same, there really is no connection to the two.  True generosity has no strings attached; expectations of how it will be received must be let go.

This is hard work.

Same goes for the receiver… but the marriage of the two is how real happiness is exchanged, or as wisdom says, “spread around”.