I’ve traveled around the world some.

A constant observer of culture and diversity, I want to understand my world and our people, to expand my thinking and understanding of things in any way I can.

I want my judgments to be destroyed, no matter what it takes.  I can plainly see they are killing me (and our world) and clearly my greatest ailment…  a universal commonality I suspect.

In my travels, I’ve witnessed life in countries with significant religious clarity.  The certainty of a belief can bring amazing grace, conviction and united focus to the people.

When an entire region is unified behind a set of beliefs and principles everything is very different.    The Religion takes on the governing work, becomes the fabric of the community, dictates the rhythms of a day and the fundamentals of the economy.

This clearly has some benefits…  feeling unified and in cooperation with one another can be a powerful force.

This clearly has some detriments—the belief in right versus wrong, hate versus love, good versus bad…  it get’s really ugly and is an equally powerful force.

Everywhere I go I try to merge into the vibe.

I’ve done the call to prayer in numerous mosques, I’ve chanted in Hindu and Buddhist Temples and honestly, not much is better than a Baptist church revival in the French Quarter of New Orleans on a Sunday morning.

I’ve talked with Atheists at length and love more than a few agnostics of this world, the folks still trying to figure things out.

Mostly, the intentions are similar and basic.

Add more love.

Be Kind.

Help one another.

Be Noble and compassionate.

Obviously, believing HOW these principles came about is wildly different, but the resulting desire for behavior and action seems the same to me.

As I explore the world and it’s people, the beauty and hate we exchange with each other, I am left with pondering our insanity and us.

If we sincerely believe in the source of our existence—God, Evolution, whatever… then obviously we believe we all came from that same source. (I’ve not yet had someone make the argument that I came from one God and you came from another….)

If, as Macklemore’s song says, “Whatever God you believe in, we all come from the same one….. then shouldn’t we treat every single one as a product our creator, what/whoever that is?

Do we?

A line in the song says, “no law is gonna change us, we have to change us”…

I’m going to start.