2013-07-12 23.13.42In business, in spiritual pursuits, in a desperate panic for good old fashion down time, I love going on retreat.

Sometimes my retreat is a bathroom stall where I can be alone 5 minutes to clear my head.

Sometimes is a walk around the block in silence.

Sometimes its a month in a 3rd world country.

Whatever shape and size it takes, It’s absolutely essential for me and drastically alters my reality, puts my emotions in perspective, gives me a new set of lenses to see my world thru and inevitably allows me to walk back into my world drastically renewed.

I don’t know how people survive without it.

Sheila Heti maybe says it best:

“Retreat means dignified disengagement.  Its purpose is to prevent the situation from developing and to quell the harmful elements.  Retreat does not mean fleeting, losing all your self-possession.  It does not mean contempt or bad feelings toward whatever you are separating from.  Retreat means compassionate, controlled and gentle withdrawal. “

I would simply add, Retreat creates head space and head space creates everything else.

Go people.

For a minute, for a day, for a month.  (( Find essays from my most recent treat HERE ))