mindfulness headIn my world, everything takes practice.

Maybe I was just born fucked up, maybe I just don’t take to things as naturally as some folks… or maybe I just really want to hold on to the handle bars as I spin thru this life knowing when to turn left or right takes diligence and practice.

I watch people everyday come around to thinking or behavior that isn’t natural for them.  They measure the benefits and make conscious efforts to think different, be different.

They expand themselves, desiring to grow, deepen and be more, mindful it takes real effort.

This makes a ton of sense to me.  I think the idea that you should just do what you are good at or what feels natural is crap.

I find in the stretch, much is gained.

Imagine all the people who had to change their thinking, their view and apply rigorous effort to alter their minds….  Without them we’d still have slavery and the woman who lead our world today would find a much different climate.

I am naturally good at some things, but honestly, most things take focus, practice, repetition… and a pile of sincere desire never hurts.

I have areas of my life where I’ve come to recognize I’m crazy—how I see something, how I feel it.. It’s just totally fucked… it’s emotional and ridiculous and mixed with stuff that has no place in the present moment.


But, because I stretched and practiced over and over again,  I gained skill that wasn’t automatically natural to me.   I’m able to work around that stuff now, to push thru it, to mindfully observe it’s insanity and forge a healthier path.

Spiritual practice.

Physical Practice.

Skill set practice.

Mindfulness practice.

It’s constant.  Ongoing.  Critically necessary.

Progress not perfection.

 It really works, when you work it.