full_moonThe moon’s out in full force tonight and it just feels like a Rumi kind of evening, don’t you think? :

“sit with your friends; don’t go back to sleep.

Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea. Surge like an ocean, don’t scatter yourself like a storm.

Life’s waters flow from darkness.

Search the darkness, don’t run from it. Night travelers are full of light, and you are, too; don’t leave this companionship.

Be a wakeful candle in a golden dish, don’t slip into the dirt like quicksilver.

The moon appears for night travelers, be watchful when the moon is full”


  • http://withnoonebutme.wordpress.com withnoonebutMe

    Love Rumi, beautiful symbolism.

  • http://www.kellykuhn.com Kelly Kuhn

    “Search the darkness” – tough for me today. But I appreciate the post. I needed the reminder that darkness will provide a lesson if I am willing to go into it.

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