I bought a business that is not where I work and live.  It was really hard to learn how to lead while not being present everyday.   I would come and go, learning how to learn in this new way.

I quickly realized the incredible advantage I had as I drove away from the giant drama filled problems that were present in the physical space.  I’d walk out the door overwhelmed with the deal and drama of the day inevitably buying into everything everyone told me.  I’d sit in my car and think, I’m doomed! How will we ever go on?

But as I drove away, mile after mile I’d ride along in the silence looking at the big sky and slowly but certainly I’d find this perspective, this deeper understanding that made me so much clearer.  In the silence and stillness, separated even for just a few moments from the drama, I found all the answers I needed.

For so long people would say, “how do you do it, how do you always know what to say and how to fix things?” and only recently have I had the guts and confidence to say, the answers and clarity I need are in the sacred silence and stillness where all the real answers are.

“The need for an empty space, a pause, is something we have all felt in our bones; it’s the rest in a piece of music that gives it resonance and shape.”
–Pico Iyer, “The Art of Stillness”