I think about Right livelihood A-L-L   T-H-E   T-I-M-E.

It’s part of my commitment to live in the world, in the mainstream and yet remain as rigorous as possible to a more noble and meaningful existence.

Everyone’s life involves economics in some fashion.. however how we go about that, for me, is of vital importance.  I don’t want to win at someone else’s expense nor do I want to sacrifice kind ethical practice for a dollar.  But honestly, it’s really hard.   It’s as if the world and our collective behavior supports the exact traits I’m working desperately to walk away from.   Gossip, false idols, blind ambition.  The list goes on and on.

Keeping Right Livelihood at the center of my focus has allowed me to stay mostly on course and I am deeply grateful.  I find I have to recommit to it every single day and often have to go back and make ammends or even ask for a redo when I blow it.

Three steps, One Bow.  

Right Livelihood is an important aspect of any spiritual path.  Make your living in a way that does not cause harm and ideally that is ethically positive. Given that almost everyone’s life includes an economic dimension, work and career need to be integrated into every aspect of life. Most of us spend the majority of their waking lives at work, so it’s important to assess how our work affects our mind and heart. How can work become meaningful? How can it be a support not a hindrance to spiritual practice — a place to deepen our awareness and kindness? Work based on generosity, co-operation, honesty and ethical nobility are essential to this world.” —  T.B.