Obsessed with exploring how people run things, how they lead each day and rise up to meet the world, I’m constantly seeking out people and learning their story.  I love people who dedicate themselves, who focus and strive and make a rigorous effort to live in nobility and practice kindness and yet still achieve wild, mainstream sustainable success.

My quest brought me to a cafe run by Matthew and Terces Englehart called Cafe Gratitude in the funky ass downtown of Santa Cruz.  Just the name alone assured me these folks were up to something cool.CAFE gratitude

They seem to run their business purely on a set of spiritual principles.. foundational elements of kindness and nobility… They call it Sacred Commerce.. and wrote a book about their experience with the same title.

I think it, and they, are revolutionary and dead on and within the business wisdom is significant and world altering principles that when practiced, could literally change everything:

“We say that getting and staying complete is essential to being present.  Consider that wherever you are incomplete, it interferes with your ability to be here now.  We get distracted, fearful, and hesitant.  Getting complete means being in communication, taking responsibility, cleaning up the past, so there is nothing between you and anyone else exempt love.  Obviously this is ongoing; you don’t get complete and then be done with it.  Start taking on being complete at the end of each day.  Look back over your day and see if you left anyone with anything that would create separation between you and them.  Another way of looking at this is asking yourself, “how can I restore love to the person or situation? What do I need to say or what questions can I make?”  ~from Sacred Commerce, Business as a path of Awakening



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