Posts from the path has been going non-stop now for more than 1200 days in a row.  People’s reactions to posts has taught me so much and created a huge data bank of research.  When I post anything about happiness, especially something in the title pertaining to “how to find happiness”, I get enormous response.  Sometimes 1000 times more than on another subject.

I get it.  It may be our greatest common desire as humans.

After years of “searching” for happiness I discovered it’s in the non-search that happiness resides.  But I don’t know how to explain that.. and I can’t make it compelling enough for you to pay any attention.  And I certainly can’t explain how to create a practice around cultivating happiness “for no reason”.

When we really long for something, it rarely fulfills us. We always are seeking something more, other, better, different.  We believe conditions exist to cause us happiness.  But the most authentic happiness usually shows up “for no reason”.  Usually happiness arrives in the unexpected small moments, not as a result of the big grand plans.

Sometimes I wish I could mandate people’s attention.  If I could, I’d have the whole world listen to this talk by master teacher Tara Brach on “happy for no reason” because essentially she says everything I’ve ever wanted to say on the subject and this practice of learning how to be happy for no reason is one of the most profound teachings I’ve ever had.


Listen from Tara Brach’s website HERE or on iTunes HERE.