One clock says it’s just before 5AM. Another says 3:30. Back home, I’m not sure if it’s yesterday, today or tomorrow yet. Time is an elusive bastard and technology hasn’t caught up to my travels, my body and computer each trying to sync into this new reality. It’s a slow start.

I’ve decided sleep must accumulate. I won’t get it all at once and havn’t now for days so I am relying on the hours stolen here and there compounding into enough energy. I do think laying horizontally increases the fueling power of sleep and I finally found a way to lay down on a coconut husk bed at the new Meditation center, Sanatha Suwaya. Even the sounds of the jungle were no match for 40 hours of travel.

bhante and tyler

When I wake, I head to the small service area like a kitchen. I’m making coffee as the sun is rising above the jungle. I can hear the sounds of commerce waking up below us. 2 monks are here, Bhante comes to help with the coffee. We talk and I have an idea. He waits to respond and tells me to be silent a moment. Gecko’s burst into song, the same chirping that woke me up. His face lights up in a huge smile “Our human minds are so cloudy and full, we must wait for the Gecko’s pure mind to approve of our ideas with their song. If they are silent, our thoughts are faulty. This is what Sri Lankan’s believe” I was glad we had approval and smiled at the great commonality that no matter what you call it, God or Gecko, many human beings rely on a higher power for clarity.

Waking this early is unfortunate, no sleep again till the end of tomorrow. Tonight we begin our pilgrimage to Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak. We’re a week early for high Pilgrim season, likely alone on the trail, climbing all night what I’ve heard described as 4000, 5000 or 10,000 steps depending… but what seems generally decided is that it amounts to 4 miles of steps. As I’ve decribed this journey many people ask me why I’m going, what I’m seeking. I have no answer as my mind feels empty, I feel no longing for some big clarity or resolution and as I packed my bags I realized how incredibly fortunate it is that I arrive with no agenda.

In not seeking anything I feel available to experience everything.

There is a way between voice and presence where information flows.

In disciplined silence it opens.

With wandering talk it closes.”