Charles Eisenstein said “Of all the things that human beings make and do for each other, it is the unquantifiable ones that contribute most to human happiness.”

Michael and Bhante Sujatha on opening day, December 2015. photo: Tyler Lewke

As far as I can tell, Charles had that right until Bhante Sujatha and Michael Fronczak teamed up to prove him wrong.  Together, continuing their 17+ year partnership, Michael and Bhante have completed their longtime dream, Sanatha Suwaya, and it will quantifiably contribute directly to human happiness.

Meditation hall early one morning, December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

I’ve had the extraordinary blessing of visiting the project personally and had an intimate view of this creation from it’s early days, watching an idea take shape and seeing what two people who work a deep spiritual practice can accomplish.  I’m moved beyond words by the magnitude of their commitment and I truly believe they have build a center that will add more love to the world than we could ever measure.

Let us tell you about it:

Sanatha Suwaya serves its guests primarily as a retreat and meditation center, provide an oasis style environment with accommodation, hospitality, safety and structure.  Suitable to meditative practices of any philosophical background or belief, Sanatha Suwaya is seated quietly atop one of many mountains found in Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second largest city. The location offers expansive views and an immersion in nature while at the same time providing easy access to the town.  Guests can easily get to The University of Peradeniya, two local hospitals, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of The Buddha’s Tooth Relic).

gardens and retreat space / residence. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

Sanatha Suwaya can currently house up to 12 guests per night. The accommodations include a variety of comfort levels, from luxury to basic, and can also be utilized by guests on a budget who would opt to share rooms.  In addition the campus maintains  therapy rooms, a dining hall and kitchen, a meditation hall and an outdoor yoga hall for practice, camping, stargazing, and more.

Monk headed to opening meditation. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

Sanatha Suwaya has incorporated sustainable living techniques and is working to minimize it’s carbon footprint because the center believes in a commitment to the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

The centers Chief Operator is Bhante’s dear friend Michael Fronczak.  Michael has received training in yoga, psychology, meditation, and Ayurvedic massage. He has resided and studied in Buddhist Temples in the United States, Australia, and Sri Lanka. As a result of the experiences he has obtained within the US and abroad, Michael has developed his own unique style and ability to provide these invaluable mind, body, and spirit services. Michael has been living in Sri Lanka since 2011.  Over the last five years he has overseen the construction of Sanatha Suwaya, managed all charitable events conducted by The Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Sanatha Suwaya in Sri Lanka, and functioned as a coordinator and guide for Bhante Sujatha’s “Annual journey to Sri Lanka.”

Chief Monk arrives for opening blessing and meditation. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke
Meditation Hall on opening day. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

As a non-religious organization, Sanatha Suwaya does not promote any philosophy over another.  As a “wellness” center, they work to provide a space of peace, where a variety of wholesome experiences and services can be offered.

Long and short term guests can join guided meditation sessions, extended retreat programs, and will be provided options to participate in wide range of holistic practices.  By building cooperative relationships with skilled practitioners of differing methodologies and inviting them to utilize the space provided, guests gain exposure and opportunity to receive their services in a forum benefitting both teacher and student.

December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke
Residence and retreat space. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

Samantha Sway’s mission is to uplift all beings to be healthy and content on the premise that through the development of the individual will follow a conscious citizenry that reinvests in its community.

Simply, Sanatha Suwaya strives to be the fertile soil for the growth of the healthy human.

The path through the center. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke
View from Meditation hall. December 2015. Photo: Tyler Lewke

Please follow all the happenings of Sanatha Suwaya and consider the many opportunities to engage virtually and in person by going to