I can’t write / say / preach enough about the benefits of meditation or just pausing and taking a breath.

My life would be a nightmare without it.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I managed, I literally can’t imagine how I functioned with no place for my mind to rest and without the ability to observe my thoughts and recognize the strength and weakness of them.

Lots of people say they want to meditate but don’t have the time.  They think it must be done a certain way, on a cushion, in a sacred dedicated space, for a period of time.

I find none of that to be the case…   and I can take 2 seconds, anytime, anywhere.  Just long enough to recognize my breath, to pause.

A great place to start:  Mentally acknowledge those who have helped you learn the skills you have, who have taught you to be better at doing life.

Takes just a moment.  That tiny connection will change things. Over time, you’ll find yourself altered… grateful first, everything else second.

I think it changes us when we are all part of a larger picture.