I received a letter from a man in Montana who’s been reading these posts for the last 2 years and said he had a burning question for me.  “you talk about something called a Bhante Sujatha, but I don’t know what that is, can you explain?”

I most certainly can:

When Bhante Sujatha was 10 years old, he told his parents he would throw himself off the bridge into the river below his childhood home in Paradinia, Sri Lanka if they did not let him become a monk.

For the next 36 years he’s remained that certain and determed to live a life dedicated to adding more love to the world and helping people heal their wounded minds.

He’s always known he was born to serve humanity and he wakes up everyday committed to this noble cause teaching Meditation and helping people access the deeper parts of themselves so they can feel radiant joy and peaceful happiness.

Bhante on retreat in Big Sur, California, winter 2014
Bhante Sujatha on retreat in Big Sur, California, winter 2014

With a single robe and some left over food, Bhante left his home country and eventually found his way to America where he learned a language, culture and the aching desire people have for a more meaningful life.

In a old leaky church basement Bhante was given a small room to teach meditation and the first night 2 people showed up.   A decade later,  The Blue Lotus Temple is a world renowned Buddhist Temple and Mediation Center that serves thousands of people locally and even more all over the world under Bhante’s leadership as the Abbot and spiritual director.

Bhante weighs in at 110 pounds and 5th graders often tower of him, however make no mistake; this man is a powerhouse of focus, energy and determination.   Bhante leads more than 380 meditations a year, travels hundreds of thousands of miles often walking off a plane and onto a podium within minutes.   He speaks to colleges and universities across the world, leads small group retreats and consults with corprate giants, teaching them all that love is the way and peace is a constant practice.   Bhante’s humanitarian work spans the globe and most recently oversaw the re-fitting of 5 hospitals with significant need.

In 2013, Bhante Sujatha was awarded the highest honor within his lineage as a recognition for the increible impact he’s made to spreading Buddhism across America, being named the Chief Sanhga Niaka of North America.

On any given day you’ll find Bhante on the west coast leading retreats, in the Mid-west running his Temple and inspiriing people to give and do even more to help the world, or on the other side of the planet providing refuge for those who suffer.  This man is literally tireless, often sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night and using every single waking moment with total purpose and dedication to his mission: adding more love to the world.

I’m the luckiest guy in the world to call him my dear friend.

Bhante Sujatha and Tyler Lewke in New Orleans Spring 2015
Bhante Sujatha and Tyler Lewke in New Orleans Spring 2015

To find and connect with Bhante to come speak, teach, or just to get to know him, contact him at bhantesujatha.org.