I love people who speak with passion and irreverence, who insult our sense of reason, who are so direct you have to duck to avoid the genius of their comments, regardless of the temporary pain of confrontation….

Seriously watch this.  It’s 18 minutes in a 30 second world, but this sums up my life’s mission perfectly and I think everyone desperately needs to hear it:

Now, get off your ass, live bold and create happiness.


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  • andrewwilson344919348

    This is the core of it all. The center. It is not by accident that we are not happy. We are purposely flooded with messages of inadequacy, we aren’t beautiful enough, smart enough, we don’t have the right things, on and on. We are programmed to be sad so that we can be sick, in all ways. We need to give our money to buy our happiness physically, mentally and spiritually. We are told to give our money to the church so we can be spiritually happy, to the world to compete, separate and be better. We are taught to believe illusion resulting in our feelings of lack, illusion of unhappiness.

    When in actuality we are simply given everything. The cure to all our ailments is happiness. You can feel the energy shift in all your cells and being moving into happiness. We can light our own fire of full health and therefore we help us all. So grateful for a balanced mind. Oh how we suffer…

    I am incredibly amazed that a wonderful intelligent loving and well written resource like yourself is seriously around the corner from us. Please, keep giving these messages. Happiness is everything and our lives are such blessings to behold.

    We are taught to believe that we are inadequate in every way, to be controlled and sick, dependent and needy. Suffering. We are actually not what we believe Tyler, we are well beyond all beliefs. We are divine consciousness, we are glorious and miraculous. Please doubt what you believe. All messages are an attempt to express our consciousness and all are limited. We are far more and far less than beliefs~good or bad. The scope of humility in this is beyond comprehension.

    Doubt what you believe~who you are….just is. Perfectly. Beyond beliefs~

    So there..Happy Wednesday~ kicking major ads today~Like a Happiness Ninja~

    Be Joy!

    Kellie (815) 444-9905 http://www.evolve4peace.com

  • http://todolistproject.wordpress.com rachelshattuck

    Hm. I think there is a fine line between forcing it and inauthenticity, so that’s tough in this context. And sure, actions might make you happy, but they also have consequences and if we don’t think before we act then we may end up harming someone else’s happiness. But I do agree that any way to avoid routine and instead incite adventure leads to more happiness!

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