I wrote recently about my one thing ( see it here ) and I got so many notes and comments back that I wanted to introduce you to the book that articulated and inspired this for me.

Gary Keller is the fearless ( seriously ) leader and founder of my franchise company, Keller Williams and he is a die-hard business guy without a doubt but also one of the deepest kindest thinkers I know.

I’ve had the chance to know him personally a little and he’s the real deal.

His newest book, “THE ONE THING”  really seriously is changing lives.

I resonated with it at so many levels, noticing that in many ways it’s why I’ve been successful, because I get this and already live it in many ways, but his providing words for it has helped me immeasurably…. validating my simple, “focus in” approach to things.

Since this came out, I now teach “the one thing” classes in my business and we talk about it all the time.  We have posters up everywhere and we have signs on our doors that say “don’t bother me, I’m working on my one thing”.  It’s a powerful practice and we’re all benefiting from the constant reminders.

We’ve even just set up mentoring and accountability sessions around finding and sticking with your one thing…  we’re committed at a foundational level to this concept and entirely believe it can change everything.

The core question that Gary references, “what’s the one thing that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?” is so powerful and helps align what matters and what doesn’t in a hurry.

Check out his book when you can, its not just for business people, it’s word changing, epic!  you can order it right HERE.  Or, write me a note about how this has worked for you and I’ll send you a copy!

Gary plays this video in his speeches and I’ll share it here again cause it really does sum it up well.