1) Be kind rather than right.

2) Surrender to the mystery and recognize how little things really matter.

3) Realize we are really small, but need to act big and bold.

4) Know for sure the whole world is our village and we are global citizens.

5) Recognize literally everyone is equal and it’s our job to build this awareness by modeling it in our daily actions…. Know that to have, we must give.

6) Acquiring more and more things mostly sucks in the long-term and the earth is our only home so we must be good stewards.

7) Success includes blowing off more days than you’re allowed and always following the adventure while observing rules as casual suggestions.

8) Pay less attention to how you feel in a moment and more attention to the arc of a life…. that trusting, and not trusting your feelings is a delicate balance.

9) Don’t expect things to always be awesome, accepting that life sometimes sucks and thankfully all things change…

10) Know in a big way that the middle path always yields the most joy.

11) Find personal truth and then live it fully… this is the exact path to happiness.

12) The only real job we all should have is a fierce commitment to add more love in the world.