50 days go we began chanting the Ratana Sutta with a goal of getting thru it 10,000 times.   I wrote then HERE about the purpose of this chant and about the power of repetition, a powerful tool in skill building in your business, personal and spiritual life.

It appeared as though we would fall short of the 10,000 goal and so monks from all over are converging to chant together for the next 24 hours.

We’ve been at it twice a day for these last 50 days… when I say we, I mean mostly others and sometimes me.  I showed up often, finding the gentle rhythm of their voices mesmerizing and deeply beautiful.  When I was gone, I skyped or called in and listened, sometimes just for a moment but everyday I was present either physically or in spirit to the intentions of this devotional chant.

It’s chanted in Pali, a language I have consciously decided to not learn, it’s too hard and I have way more interesting things to do.  I find decent interpretations and then often narrow those down even further, always desiring the most focused and direct understanding I can find.. Applicable wisdom is always my goal.

The thing about 10,000 times is that you can’t get away from it.. It’s so constant, so vigilant, it’s message seems to start showing up everywhere.  Each day as they chant I find myself following along a little less.  Now, I listen mostly to the musical nature of it and have narrowed down the words to be very direct and usable in my everyday life.

Below is my focused version, incomplete and not even touching the surface of all this sutta means, but really good enough for a guy like me: (and click here for the real one) 

Pay attention.

Show kindness.

Live in community.

Be extreme in your devotion to what matters.

Wisdom and practice are the ingredients of wellbeing.

The middle of things is where truth resides.

By the truth, all will be well.

Concentration and focused intention has no equal.

The past is extinct.

Abundant fruit is bestowed to the conscious, kind and committed.

To have, give. To have love, love.

3 things really matter: wisdom, practice and action.

By the power of these truths may I live with joy.

Now, imagine repeating the essence of this, 10,000 times.  For me, it becomes nearly impossible for the fruitage to not show up in my life, in my actions and in my heart.