When I first started practicing mindfulness, I searched everywhere to understand it.  

I wanted to do it right. In those days, I still believed right and wrong was a thing…

I read countless books– each with hundreds of pages on the subject.  I got lost, overwhelmed and massively discouraged.  

I need stuff simple and direct.

Eventually, I created a simple 5 step reminder for myself,  taped it on my wall and carried it everywhere with me…   

1) Have Reverence for life.  Recognize the significance and awe of everyone and every breath.

2)  Cultivate True Happiness.  Learn what gets in the way.  Plus what works, subtract what doesn’t.  Be vigilant and never stop.

3) Honor True love.  Be in love with yourself first, then add more love in the world, it’s the ultimate solution to everything.  Love shows up when you love.

4) Practice Loving speech and deep listening.  Nobility is the result.  Our mouths and our ears are the most powerful body parts we’ve got.  Use them wisely.

5) Live each day with behavior that honors Nourishment and healing of all.  This is the foundation of equality.   To have, give.


For more on developing mindfulness, check out The Five Mindfulness Trainings.  Some of the best ever created, in my humble opinion.


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