Both our Presidential contenders briefly discussed Abraham Lincoln this week.  I went looking for some of Lincoln’s words these last few days, remembering how often history repeats itself.

“In my opinion, it will not cease, until a crisis shall have been reached, and passed. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free”

As I observe and mindfully participate in this election I find history is again repeating itself and keep trying to take my seat in the room, decide where I stand and how I want to participate.  Mostly I think about what I can learn and how I can grow.  I want to believe this entire experience is a low point for our country, it sure feels like it.  However, when we really look back, it’s not even close.  We’re expressing our views, discussing our beliefs freely and engaging in a dialogue of how to make things better.  The way we’re doing it is gross, unnecessary and down right deplorable.. however we are allowed to do it, not fighting to do it.  That’s a big difference.

Our two choices this election represent a problem in ourselves, the way we treat eachother, the decency and respectful exchanges that once existed among us all, the compassion and common sense goodness we once stood for. That all seems to be gone. This experience we’re in now, it’s how we operate.  The life we’ve created, fueled by unsustainable growth and consumption and ranking of have and have not, it’s nearly impossible to navigate with virtue and nobility.  It requires a inner transform, from each one of us.  Nothing external will fix this.  

What we should be talking about is, rather than ripping one or the other apart, saying to ourselves, “what can I do to make us better, what is my role in this mess and how can I serve?”.

Who am I for?  All of us.  Doing our part.

Work hard. Tell the truth.  Love the people. Let’s go.


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