A week out from election night, I am sitting with buddhist monk Bhante Sujatha.  We’re discussing all we’ve witnessed over these last days.. amazed, sad, joyful.  We debate positions and choices.  We talk about the power of words. We check in with each other on our own practice and how we’re doing with our right speech and mindfulness.

We sit quiet a while before he says, “I have a message for the people”

From Bhante Sujatha, Tuesday, November 15th, 2016:

“Life can be so hard sometimes, like eating a chewy protein bar.  I want to tell people, calm down.  Don’t behave like beast.  A beast doesn’t care about emotions, they just react.  As human beings, we have a higher, more powerful mind. Before we say or do or act, we have to think!

Now I can see after this whole election, whatever people build in their mind, whatever they hold in during the last 18 months, during the election time, now it is exploding.  In this way, they are not getting a beautiful outcome.  That means people are really adding more fuel into the fire.  Please stop.  Where is your mindfulness? If it’s not here now, what happened to it? Go find it, get it back, right now.  Nothing is more important.

And also, I am asking people, don’t scroll down on your Facebook or keep reading those negative comments and making more negative comments.  If you see any negative comments, if you want to respond to those, respond to them with peaceful, loving messages.  This way you are participating in spreading love. Otherwise, indirectly, you are participating in war, creating war, making war.  

I am asking all the people who use social media to please write a peaceful letter to the whole world, then ask people to share your beautiful world.  That is the best way I know to create peace. One at a time.  

Thank you, may you all be well, happy and peaceful.”

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