I’m a committed student of my thoughts– I have seriously benefited from understanding how I think, what triggers me in this life and how to navigate the waters that inevitably create calm and turbulence, depending.

Mindfulness is the new buzzword and you’ll find it in yoga centers across the globe, you’ll find it in 12-step meetings and certainly many religious and self-help / personal growth environments.   Lot’s of people are writing, teaching and “pushing” mindfulness now, me included… but it’s still a rare instance that you find it in business.

That’s precisely where I want it… I am absolutely certain that big business is needed to save our world—- individuals are amazing but commerce is so much larger than an individual and if we can change from the top down, the world will feel a dramatic shift….  when corporations and governments shift the collective consciousness of a society, everything changes.

People tell me all the time that I’m crazy— that my experience, my company and our approach is an outlier, not the norm, that believing we can have an awake, mindful and conscious business culture is “impossible”.

The naysayer’s are flat-out wrong and I’ll take my last breath planting seeds in the center of the storm because I’m certain it’s possible and I’m not alone…


“It was cold and gray outside as I walked by the bottom of an imposing mountain.  It felt as though fall had turned into winter in just a few hours.  Snow was falling on my face as I walked— silently and slowly– beneath still-colorful trees.  Leaves crackled under my weight as my foot hit the ground.  I heard water moving over rocks in the small stream just a few feet to my left.  In that moment, I was completely awake to life.  My body relaxed, my brow unfurled.  Ohio Congressman Tim RyanSomething just happened, but I wasn’t doing anything.  I just let it be.  The landscape looked crisper; my breath in the cold air entranced me.  It felt as if a cloud had lifted from my eyes.  I had no desire to be elsewhere– no thoughts about a better place.  There was nothing to achieve or anything to prove to anyone else.  I didn’t have to defend a political position and felt no need to prove my self-worth through running for office.  I didn’t need to win an argument or drive a point home.  I didn’t need to be liked.  I didn’t crave affirmation.  I was… ok.  I literally just was.  In so many ways, the depth of mindfulness I was now experiencing contradicted my worldview, my belief in the need to be the one to “make it happen”.  But the feeling I experienced was not forced.  Rather, I seemed to have allowed it to happen.  As I continued walking, that blissful moment of awareness slipped away.  I realized, though, that I had tasted something I’d never experienced before.  That fleeting moment left me with a level of clarity I’d never known.  The clarity was not something created as much as discovered; something that had been there all along….”  Exert from A MINDFUL NATION by United States Congressman Tim Ryan

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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