I’m an artist.

I sculpt with clay and wood and there isn’t I love much more than getting my hands dirty….I have an amazing new guitar and I chisel a badass business transaction now and again.

I see everything visually and a painting tells me more than a book every could.

But mostly, I’m a writer.

I write everyday.

My Mac book is glued to me, I don’t go anywhere without it.

I write on the plane, in the car, on the beach, at night in bed.

I have at least 15 “books” in the works and literally thousands of pages, millions of words.  I’ve lost count.

They are all stored here on this machine, backed up on the cloud….  I can write on my phone, which immediately updates my iPad and my computer— they seem to work in perfect harmony—I rarely miss a beat.

For a very long time, I’ve committed to writing every single day and on more than a few evenings, I’ve written just a few sentences simply to keep the practice going.

I’m die hard about things like this.

The trouble is, these “books” as they are won’t see the light of day…  long ago I walked into a bookstore that was 5 stories tall, wall to wall books…. It blew me away.  I realized then that every word had already been spoken, that at best, all I could do was hope to rearrange the words in a way that was compelling and meaningful… but the notion of a revolutionary thought, completely new idea—well, let’s be honest, it’s not likely.

But I keep going.

I don’t honestly believe anything takes more than a few pages to say, no thought needs more than that much space to convey—  and, it’s just not how I think.

I love getting to the point, mostly.

Let’s cut the crap and go right to the heart of the matter.

I think a title is nearly half the work of a good book.  In fact, I think it’s almost everything.   I often title something before I write it— I like to write to the title versus having the title emerge from the writing.

I find I get to the point easier this way.

My intention these days is to take all my “posts”, all my various pieces of writing and compile them into a survival guide of sorts…  with various tabs for things so that rather than reading it cover to cover, you flip to the tab that’s relevant in the moment and read a page or two of wisdom (( or bullshit, depending on how you see things )).

I think this is most effective and how the world actually works anyway, after all look at all of us, texting and tweeting our lives away… we’re highly programed now to comprehend things with limited characters or as it passes along the crawl on the bottom of our screens.

Reading cover-to-cover books is sorta like dialing with a rotary phone…

Originally, when I started this website and Facebook page, when it all got wired hot with Twitter and whatever, this was just a place for me to be in service.. I was searching for a way to help make the world just a little better and I wanted a mobile platform where I could do service work on the go… but it seems to be a sort of “soft launch” now for the survival guide.

That’s cool.

I thought I would name the survival guide the same as the web stuff: posts from the path.

After all, that’s what this all is, me, posting from my path—my walk and exploration thru this life… sharing how I see things and what waking up kind, peaceful and happy really means to me, what it looks like.. at least for this guy.

But lately, I’ve been considering a new title, “Street Corner Preacher”.

It’s because that’s sorta how I see myself.  (( and probably because it’s the title to one of my favorite Amos Lee songs, check it out here, EPIC! ))

Actually, I always thought that’s what I was supposed to be….    If I didn’t have such a huge aversion to dogma and rules, I think I could have found a passionate, purposeful life as a minster, a preacher or at the least a messenger of kindness and matters of the spirit.

It’s how I naturally see most things.

I ended up a sorta main stream business guy,  but I’m humbled and really grateful that I seem to have a way of interpreting things for people that allows them to understand what really matters in a simple, every man kinda way.

I seem to be able to show people that success actually happens when your real, authentic, happy…. when you tell the truth, serve others and care deeply for your fellow humans (( and non-humans )).

They seem to believe me when I show them that’s how I did it.

But the title could confuse people, I won’t be talking about God much; I don’t use words like that.  I don’t find much value in formal religion, it feels like a tight shoe instead of barefoot on a sandy beach…. But I attempt  (( and fail )) to refrain from judgment about it all.  (( although, I say this crap, then go study the Metta Sutta for an hour, so I am a walking breathing, typing contradiction, FYI))

If I had become a preacher, I’d have gotten kicked out anyway… I love words like fuck and I’m averse to being told what to do, even if its “don’t step in front of that bus!”.  I’d have gotten in huge trouble for my views on things like gay rights, since I literally cannot believe someone cares who someone else loves.

That’s why street corner preacher makes some sense.   Maybe I’ll give it a tag line “from Buddha to the boardroom.. Finding happiness all over the place”

I just want to serve the world, I want to do it out on the street corners, out in the trenches, in the soup kitchens and the board rooms, helping meet people where they are at and help them find their way, their path, whatever it may be.

But tomorrow, I’m certain I’ll change the name again, so don’t be Amazoning any names just yet.  Just keep following and joining the conversation and the rest will reveal itself at just the right time…

Thanks for following along!