In the face of the most devastating parts of human exchange we all banter and take sides and draw conclusions. “If it’s this than we must do that!”. “If it’s that, well then do this!” As I stare down the horror of these last few days and our interactions with one another I surrender to the truth that no “this” or “that” solution exists.

No one way is the right way.

No one response is the right response.

I seriously love numbers and in business look to them for clarity. In mathematics, many equations seemingly have infinite solutions. And, sometimes they have no solutions. This means that no matter what value is plugged in for the variable, you will ALWAYS get a contradiction.

I’m asking myself what to do this morning, how I want to show up and participate, how I want to grieve, what active and non-active role do I want to play in this chapter of our great society? What variable do I want to add? I think it’s important to ask during times when whatever variable we put in, contradictions are the result.

I want to post here the names of the two black men killed. But then I’d want to add the police officers shot. And then I’d want to add the police who did the shooting. And then I’d want to add the woman and her daughter and all the guys laying in hospital beds still sitting on the brink. For me, the list would have to go on and on and on until I encompassed all beings because I really feel the first variable, the first role I want to take, is unconditional compassion and awareness that we are amidst an equation with seemingly no “right” solutions.

Starting with compassion will be the only chance for one.

Everything after that will become easier.

What if today we all committed for pausing to remembering our own spiritual practice for just a moment before we commented, story lined, rushed to judgement or participated in any way?  That would really be something.  _/\_ Me first.