Imagine what you would do if you could go to bed tonight and dream any dream you wanted to dream…. and that you have the power to dream 75 years of time.. what would you do?

What would you really like to happen if you could make it happen?alan_watts_quote-135596

After you fulfilled all your “wishes”…  you’d get lost and involved in the farthest out adventures.

Play with it, just allow yourself to imagine it for a moment.  Put it out as a possibility to think about…

Then, after nights and nights of 75 years of dreams, a dream arrives that’s totally out of your control… the mystery of the universe presents something far deeper and more spectacular than our limited little imaginations could ever create……the dream blows your mind wide open.

The next night your back to your 75 year dreams…  back to you creating and dancing in wild adventure.. but you go farther and farther now because your minds been blown and you can finally see more and more and more and more…. once a mind expands, it doesn’t narrow again.

Finally, you would dream where you are now.. you would dream the life that you are actually living today…

This is the benefits of knowing our insignificance and living with the divine, whatever you may call it.


People, watch this and allow your mind to be blown open and the majesty of the universe come pouring in, please watch it.. it’s so worth it…..  ( and because I suck at this stuff and no longer have a teenager at home to fix it, if the video does not appear below, please click HERE )


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