jorianFor my daughters 18th birthday, we recklessly booked a flight to the west coast where she became officially legal to get a tattoo.

I’m in love with the extreme’s people sit upon in regards to this form of art and expression and I genuinely appreciate both…. however I find the intrigue a tattoo creates in others, about you, irresistible.

In preparation for this plan, I never got any judgment from people like you would expect… that’s because I didn’t mention it much and to those I did I suspect they recognized how little I cared about how anyone else felt about the matter.

Our deal was that she had to know what she wanted for a solid year without waiver.

She picked a line one of her favorite authors, John Green, quoted in one of his books:

I go to seek a great perhaps.

She asked that the tattoo be in my handwriting…. the pride overwhelmed me and any dad understands this feeling intimately.  In the last moments, as she wavered about if that was the right choice, I used every ounce of guilt I could muster so she was compelled to honor me in this way.  I feel zero remorse about this.  Zero.

It all feels rather perfect to me, that quote, her launch into adultness, a part of what’s just me forever with her now as she goes on this great adventure.

I’m going to seek a great perhaps today also…. When I’m conscious and connected, when I’m being as fully alive as possible, it’s what each day looks like.

Surrendering to the moment, being open to whatever arrives but motivated and driven enough to forge towards something at the exact same time.

Living in the Perhaps—the space that suggests whatever we think might or might not be so and either is perfectly acceptable, because we consciously sought it out, seeking to live in the uncertainty of each moment as fully and epicly as possible.

Perhaps to me is like truth—the simple fact that everything changes, what we seek, what we desire and what we know only lasts for a while, and the next moment, the next truth is also just a perhaps.

Today, I surrender to that truth, in fact, I rejoice within it.

1,2,3, go.