Brave comes in all shapes.




Jean Tuller, Executive Director of kicking off #refcon2018. #braveAF


Brave does not have to be pretty. Or stick to a plan.

Brave is often gorgeous. Starts right on time.

Brave has no rules.  No guidelines.  No roadmap.

Brave is willing to be thrown in.

Brave can be person.  A group of people.  An Organization.

Brave is what people do when they have a deep resolve. A ferocious spirit to get to the other side of whatever’s in front of them.

Brave requires leaping through the hindrances the rest of us stumble on.

It means doing hard.

Staying awake.

Being vigilant.

Noble even in the face of storms and torrential struggle.

I know what bravery looks like.

I’ve trained myself to be on the look out. To observe.  To model in myself as best I can.

I fail and try again, recognizing that also is brave.



How does brave show up in your world?


Let’s share our #braveAF stories to inspire, heal and resist.

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