Attending a meditation recently, a small bowl was passed around with the request that we put our names and our identities in the bowl for safe keeping.  At the end of the meditation, the bowl was passed back to us to “pick back up” our identities.

My opinion changed from ridiculous to profound.  I hadn’t imagined the energy it took to uphold my stories, my I look, how I sound, the way I show up.  Letting go of all that, even for a small period of time, was an enormous relief, a peace and lightness I’d not even deemed possible.

Let go of your constant strife to sustain and assert the idea of who you are. It is this massive effort of defining your identity that keeps you wedged in the chronic routine of comparisons and conflicts with whoever and whatever appears to threaten this idea. If you have tried to assert yourself for many years and you have accomplished nothing, then be honest and do something different. Just be nothing. Try it for one day. Release your idea of being yourself, and just be nothing, be the void. And as you are being nothing you may realize that you can be all that is. ~Franco Santoro