Happiness is as much a thing we are as it is something we do. We have to do happiness sometimes in order to help ourselves be happy.


Movement is good for the body. As natural hunters and gatherers, we just aren’t made for stagnation. Cardiovascular health is key to overall health, especially mental health. Having a healthy heart inspires healthy growth in areas of the brain like the hippocampus which is affected by depression.


Eating healthy might sound like a given when it comes to wellness. Food is sorely passed over when it comes to developing a lifestyle that promotes mind, body, and spiritual healing. With the intention of keeping a plant alive, it is unlikely that Mountain Dew would be the choice to water it. Human bodies are no different. The things we feed our bodies are as important as what we would give to plants. Processed foods with high levels of sugar and unhealthy fats are damaging to our overall growth. Sugar creates oxidative stress which causes depression.


Addiction is chaos, even when it is high functioning. Getting into a routine can be challenging and triggering. A schedule, when done right, can help with managing expectations and therefore disappointments. Creating a comprehensive schedule helps you to make sure there is time for practicing all the individual tools you pick up in recovery. Additionally, the routine itself is helpful for staying mentally organized.


We are inherently social animals. Humans in numbers make us feel safe from unexpected predators. Community and connection are repeatedly proven to enhance mental health and wellness. Being connected with people makes us feel included, appreciated, and a part of. Addiction is an isolating disease. Not only does it keeps us from friends and family we love, it convinces us that we want to be alone.


Expressing ourselves is an important tool. There is a difference between talking things out with ourselves and talking things out with another person. Conversation is therapeutic. Sharing at a group level in meetings of recovery fellowships is helpful because of this reason. People report feeling significantly relieved after sharing at a meeting, or even knowing they will be able to.


Shared from “Science backed methods for happiness” @ refugerecovery.org