I have a hell-bent desire to communicate effectively with influence, authenticity and kindness.

To get better, I’ve been listening and observing people in a deeper way, learning what works and what doesn’t with every interaction.

The way we all treat each other, the interactions we have, the tones of voices we use, the eye contact or lack of it… I’m obsessed with it all.

The more I observe, the more amazed I am.

I notice people who need to work effectively together treating each other in ways that won’t serve them…. quick, sharp responses that aren’t a lie but the delivery makes everyone involved feel like something’s just not right.

I notice how tired, angry, burned out, agitated feelings become mini-bombs thrown at each other—even when doing so creates more of the causes that created the struggle in the first place.

The cyclical nature of it is profound.

Unresolved resentments, even tiny ones, seem to become a raging cancer.

I’m stunned by our lack of mindfulness when we communicate with each other and how much of our own issues we insert into a conversation, even when it has little or no relevance.

Our core wounds seem to direct our responses.

When I see people using right speech, communicating with kindness and authenticity as the foundation, things just work.

Its not always easy or sweet, doesn’t always feel good—but the integrity of every exchange remains intact and a noble, respectful relationship is the result.

I notice all this because I am seeing much of myself in the people—that’s how it always goes when I’m really honest about things… the world is my mirror.

I’m now convinced we have very little else to work on—when we really focus on our mindfulness and cultivate right speech, nearly everything else falls into a harmony….. and that brings us limitless joy , opportunity and powerful effectiveness that can change everything.

For me, it’s my one thing: until I am vigilant and totally focused on my interactions with others, my kind and straightforward authentic speech, I shouldn’t bother doing much else.   I don’t see a reason to serve the world and do good and build things if I don’t start at the most basic core level.

I think for a successful joy-filled business and life, kind speech is the very first vital sign; without it everything else becomes unnecessary.

“The value of our life depends on the quality of our thinking, our speech, and our actions….  We only need to choose our words carefully, and we can make other people happy.  To use words mindfully, with loving kindness, is to practice generosity.”

 ~ from The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanhmindful communicatin

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