~”I just have these moments when I feel the warm hug of gravity holding us tight as we whirl ninety-four million miles an hour around the sun. One day she will let us go.”

My incredible writer friend, whose name I’m not allowed to use, has just experienced a profound accomplishment, receiving recognition for words that he’s too embarrassed to let anyone really see. He allowed it to be published anonymously, its gracing the pages of esteemed journals and is garnering reaction for it’s profound beauty and raw truth. It’s a goal he’s worked at for more than a decade. Now it’s out, doing what words do and he’s hiding, ashamed and scared and vulnerable.  I read the words and find myself moved to breathlessness.

I’m not concerned for him “missing” this experience at all. I’m not trying to make him feel better or help him “get over it”. In my experience, this is EXACTLY how it goes. To really do something amazing requires leaving yourself so flat out exposed and raw and vulnerable and naked you simply can’t imagine how to cary on.

Then you do.

That’s power.