My mom holds Thanksgiving as sacred, the ultimate day.  I agree, in part because of how much she loves it and mostly because it’s our collective opportunity to stop and notice and be grateful.

I’ve been working a long time to find more and more ways to be generous and define what Thanksgiving looks like as an action in my daily life.  The “giving” part of the word captivates me and urges us to act.

I wrote a prayer I read each day for a long time as I worked to increase my generosity and expand my understanding.  Originally titled “I believe”, a while ago I re-worked it into something all of us can work on together and changed the name to “we believe”.  Let’s all join together and live this way, even a little.

We Believe

We believe in extreme generosity toward others by any means possible.

We believe the true Noble Path is marked by generosity.

We believe that like humility, generosity is part of our true authentic nature.

We believe generosity has many levels : Think generously, speak generously, act generously.

We believe generosity comes from hearts that are fearless and free and willing to share abundantly all that is given to us.

We believe generosity lies at the heart of spiritual practice… and with practice our hearts will grow stronger and lighter.

We believe extending generosity to ourselves and others gladdens our heart, is a direct way of healing division, and brings joy.

We believe that it’s our obligation to generously add more love in the world.