For nearly 20 years my best friends and I come together for New years Eve.  At midnight, we share our 2015 focus, what we often title “what’s next”.

Sometimes it’s a list– to do’s and goals and mission oriented intentions.

Often, it’s who we want to be, what we desire.

Mine didn’t look like other years, I know exactly why.


Irrevocably, unexpectedly, life was forever altered the moment I read these words: Three Steps, One Bow.  


Never have I resonated so deeply with a simple sentence.


Three Steps, One Bow.three steps one bow


My life has been and will only be lead exactly this way; Three steps, One Bow.


Often the bow came as a result of a 2 by 4 in the ass, knocking me to my knees.


Occasionally, eventually, the bow was initiated by me, learning to surrender with grace and nobility.


Bowing is what gave me the courage to take three more steps. Three more steps is what gave me the courage to Bow.


Now, all I want to do is keep practicing and re-committing… Three steps, One Bow. Three Steps, One Bow.


My future steps will be fueled by passion and focus and radiant joy; serving others, giving, playing, laughing, exploring, loving.


My Future bows will be fueled by my desire for depth and grace and joy. Something that only bowing delivers.


Three Steps, One Bow.  


I know now for sure, neither is possible without the other… an unalterable marriage.


Three Steps, One Bow.  


Three Steps, One Bow.  


Three Steps, One Bow.