On my front steps I had installed three words, one for each step.  We Shall Overcome.

In a way, I’ve always felt like the minority, like I had to overcome things..– my thinking, my approach, my view.. it’s not exactly conforming.

Perhaps that’s why this is my favorite Martin Luther King quote of all time:

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.

I’ve leaned on these words many times– using them as a crutch to keep me moving forward, helping me bring thought and change and ideas out into the light.

I know for a fact that when we stand up for what we believe, when we own who we are and what we stand for, when we’re clear about what we want and how we see the world and when we define what nobility is and live it to the fullest, we are achieving what I believe  was Martin Luther King’s intent behind the “dream”.

In fact, to me, this is the real definition of “free at last”.



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